Small Business SEO Management

Expert SEO Management

As low as $500/mo

A lot of folks oversell SEO. It’s a crucial important aspect of any website, but let’s be real, every site doesn’t need someone spending 80 hours/month optimizing. We often charge clients around $2k/mo to manage their SEO program. Those sites have thousands of pages, constant development initiatives and a full-range of marketing programs. They need a lot of help. Some agencies would charge that same rate for a site with 10-20 pages that doesn’t change to often and where there’s not a ton of other digital marketing happening. The companies that sign up for that often find themselves dedicating their entire online budget to just SEO (some of our competitors would have you believe this is a good thing). That sets everyone up for failure. We want you to pay a rate that is representative of the work needed, won’t crush your budget and will allow us to show steady growth. That’s why we made this plan.

Here’s our small business plan

Optimization and Growth
  • Optimization recommendations for 1-3 pages each month
  • Updated meta data, copy and technical changes (all as needed) for the pages we optimize
  • Local optimization
  • New content recommendations
  • Optional: Competitor analysis, regular blog support/writing, link analysis/strategy, local optimization for multiple locations (additional fee based on individual needs)
Monitoring & Technical Health
  • Monthly reporting showing traffic, rankings and outcomes (sales/leads)
  • A site health summary covering the important technical issues that impact SEO with recommendations for taking action and fixing any problems.
  • Monitoring your site for the future of search, helping to ensure you are not caught by surprise when Google rolls out a change.
All for $500/mo with a 6 month commitment.

The things we know you’re thinking.

What’s the catch?

None, honestly. This gives us an option to say yes to more clients, build up a bigger customer base (especially in the Milwaukee area, where we call home) and keep growing. It keeps small businesses from getting taken advantage of by the lesser options.

What if my site is larger but my budget is small?

Talk to us! This plan is aimed at a specific type of client, but we regularly work with small e-commerce sites that may have hundreds of products. We’ll do our best to find something that works. We can also look at going with a plan like this one, but adding some additional budget on-demand for major projects, product launches, etc.

Is this a bait and switch?

We don’t have a secret team in another country. We don’t have an army interns (we don’t have any interns). We don’t outsource. We use the same people and tools for your account as we do for our large customers. As we tried to outline above, it’s a matter of cutting back on the amount of customization and being frugal about the time. Nearly all the time we spend will be managing your SEO program instead of also spending time in meetings, planning sessions, working with your developers, etc.

Can you guarantee results?

No. Nobody can honestly do that. But we know what we’re doing, we follow the rules, we consistently grow traffic and sales. We’ll work hard to take people to the right pages, bring the right people, convince them you have all the answers to their problems. But we can’t force them to spend money. We need your help with that part.

Want to get started? Or at least have a chat?

Shoot us a note, we’ll get back to you real quick.