Small Business PPC Management

Professional Paid Search Management

As low as $800/mo

We often get approached by small businesses asking for help with search advertising. Our normal rates just make it too expensive. So we put together a package that gives small businesses the expertise they need to get ahead online at a much more reasonable cost. Avoid getting gouged by the search engines, who will use automated tools to get you to spend as much as possible. Skip the super inexperienced marketer you find on Craigslist. Go with the pros, have people who really care about your success managing your account, get real results. Just without a few of the frills that drive up the costs.

Here are your options

From Transistor

Our small business plan
  • Account set up by experts with years of experience (in the US, btw)
  • We’ll take the time to learn about your business and goals up front
  • Timely email support
  • A personalized reporting dashboard with 100% transparency into performance
  • Basic conversion tracking (e.g. leads or online sales)
  • Daily monitoring
  • Weekly optimization and improvement
Cost: $800/mo or 15% – 6 month commitment

Monthly management cost is $800 or 15% of ad spend, whichever is greater. Max of $10k ad spend.

Our standard services
  • Expansive campaigns covering search, display, shopping, video
  • Custom tracking, including offline data integrations, complex conversion funnels, etc.
  • Weekly conference calls
  • Reporting completely customized to your needs
  • Daily campaign monitoring
  • 5-10+ hours/week of activity to improve/expand your account
Cost: $1500+/mo with 1 year commitment

From the competition

Hire some discount agency
  • They go as long as possible without looking at your account
  • Occasional reports, largely just screenshots of graphs
  • Limited interaction and not much expertise to share anyway
  • They just want you to sign a deal and spend as much as possible
Cost: $800-1200/mo – 1 year commitment
Let Google do it for you
  • Free account setup
  • Zero monitoring
  • Zero reporting
  • Zero ongoing optimization
  • Everything done via simple automated tools
Cost: Free – but you get what you pay for.

PS – there’s plenty of great agencies out there, but they charge way more money, so we don’t think they’re worth mentioning here.

The things we know you’re thinking.

What’s the catch?

None, honestly. This gives us an option to say yes to more clients, build up a bigger customer base (especially in the Milwaukee area, where we call home) and keep growing. It keeps small businesses from getting taken advantage of by the lesser options.

I thought charging a % of ad spend means you’ll just try and make us spend more and more.

That’s often the case. This is the reason we put a cap on this plan of $10k in monthly ad spend. That limits the ability for us to be greedy. If you’re spending that much, you really should get our normal full service management anyway. But the amounts in fees we’re talking about are small enough that it legitimately is about budgeting more time to manage your account when you spend more.

Is this a bait and switch?

We don’t have a secret team in another country. We don’t have an army interns (we don’t have any interns). We don’t outsource. We use the same people and tools for your account as we do for our large customers. As we tried to outline above, it’s a matter of cutting back on the amount of customization and being frugal about the time. Nearly all the time we spend on your account will be managing your account instead of also spending time in meetings, planning sessions, working with your developers, etc.

Can you guarantee results?

Nobody in advertising can guarantee anything other than they’ll spend your money. We’re extremely confident in our ability to create and manage a paid search account that is as good as or better than almost any other agency. But the fact is, that just helps get people to your site. We’ll work hard to take people to the right pages, bring the right people, convince them you have all the answers to their problems. But we can’t force them to spend money. We need your help with that part.

Want to get started? Or at least have a chat?

Shoot us a note, we’ll get back to you real quick.