Google Assistant Offering Hot Dog Detection - New Ads Coming?

Google Assistant Offering Hot Dog Detection - New Ads Coming?

If you follow Google I/O news, or tech news at all, you probably saw that Google Assistant is going to start using your camera to help the app interact with the world around you. This is a bit augmented reality and a bit like search without having to search. This will do things like identify plants or animals you point your phone at (likely reverse image search) as well as provide details about businesses and landmarks nearby.

I think we all knew that ads would be a part of AR eventually, but with Google diving in this way, it’s probably going to happen a lot sooner. At first, if someone points their phone at your storefront, they’ll see information and reviews about you. But I’m sure before too long, a competitor will be able to show their ad instead. “Don’t shop here, come two blocks over!”

I sure haven’t thought of all the possible applications for this yet, but it will be fun to see everything get sorted out. I’d imagine the outcome Google wants most is to turn your phone into sort of an Amazon Dash device. Point it at your TV and Google Assistant will show you ads for Google Play and other movie-streaming services. Point at toilet paper and you’ll get companies offering free shipping on Charmin.

For all of you just begging for ads to be virtually injected into your home, this might bring you one step closer!

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