Convoluted Brand Stories

So I started this company called Transistor. Most people hear the name and don’t ask any questions. That’s fine, most companies have stupid names or at the least very utilitarian ones (like “Top Roofing” or whatever). Others go way out of their way to have a name that symbolizes something or another. A lot of

Thanks SEMrush! (New Ranking Distribution Report)

I don’t make a huge deal about rankings. Still, they are a semi-tangible thing that clients get and an interesting piece of the performance puzzle, so I still keep track of them. One of the ways I track them is in the Project feature of SEMrush. However, a few things bugged me about the reporting options.

Subdomain Fears Still Loom Large

I had a client recently ask about what SEO risks they faced with potentially creating subdomains as part of a new site/domain launch. Before firing off my typical response, I decided to look at whether the sentiment had changed around the web on this issue. Sadly, it has not. There’s still an efficient assembly line

Mildly Interesting - My CPCs Down Since Right-Side Ads Killed

This is something that requires an impossible level of validation to confirm/deny. And I’m assuming a study will come out eventually that looks at a huge set of advertisers… but at least for me, CPCs are down since right-side ads were killed. I would assume a major part of the change for Google has to do

It's 2016, You Still Don't Get that Meetings Don't Work

When a manager or client says “let’s meet more” all that happens is we accomplish less. People universally complain about bureaucracy in the workplace, but meetings are really just that. It’s administrative procedure, made excessive by doing it frequently, that allows disconnected people in charge to ultimately keep leading without having to understand the real

SEO for Site Migrations - Listen Up Developers!

In the past several years, I’ve been thrust into the middle of many incredible messes as a result of websites moving from one platform to another. Most of these were purely the result of developers not knowing/caring about preserving traffic, but a couple involved lazy or overconfident SEOs. In either case, here’s generally what happened

Poor Indexation in Bing - Oh No!

Note– this is a fairly novice topic that’s covered in at least part elsewhere… but I figured it may be helpful so here you go. I don’t care about SEO for this site. I have installed plenty of SEO plugins, no doubt. But mostly to test things for other sites… and some of them make

I'm Fed Up With Your Shitty Content

The other day, the folks at one of the most followed SEO companies out there, Moz, posted their weekly video lesson/blog. The topic, “Why Good Unique Content Needs to Die“. The premise is that most people write or make stuff on their site that is just good enough to blend in with what everyone else

Why Buy Now Via Google is Bad for Your Brand

By now, everyone knows that Google is going to integrate a “buy now” option in search results. And by now, everyone in marketing has issued a hot take. Most of those hot takes revolve around how it’s either great or foolish for Google. Nobody seems to talk about the stores behind this system. I wrote

Is Your Cart a Top Google Analytics Landing Page?

If the title didn’t resonate with you, and you have an e-commerce website, go do this right now: In a landing page report, look for your shopping cart. You might just see something like this: That’s messed up. The screen shot above is from a search landing page report over a 3 day window. There can’t be that