How to Interpret Google Trends Data

Everyone is talking about this black hole picture! This is most applicable to the many ways the broader media misuses data in reporting, but I think a lot of marketers and generally curious individuals will benefit from reading this, hence I’m posting it here. One of my many pet peeves is when I see a

#FreeAdvice - April 2019

#FreeAdvice is a monthly feature where we take your questions about search/analytics/etc and answer them here. The number of answers will vary based on length, complexity, our energy levels. How long does it take for [SEO] results to show up? This is one of the more commonly misunderstood aspects of SEO. The SEO industry is

Say Hello to Chelsea!

We are welcoming a new face to the Transistor team Today another monumental day at Transistor! We are adding another incredible individual to the Transistor team. The business has grown so much over the last few months, that we needed another full-time expert that would help us take our clients to new heights. Cue the

SEO for Small Business: Does it Work?

What is SEO for a Small Business? Search engine optimization (SEO) aims to better communicate a business’s products or services to potential customers and search engines. A great small business SEO approach includes keyword strategy, competitor research, and actionable plans to improve the site’s digital presence. Search optimization is crucial for a small business. Small

Today is a BIG Day

Almost four years ago to the day, I was running the SEO team at what’s now Perficient Digital. We were both growing and dealing with existing staff shortage. That’s when I hired a young gal named Lindsie Nelson to be an SEO specialist. She had a little ways to go in terms of pure SEO

Never Send Your Developer a Speed Report from Google

One of my least favorite things to see in deliverables from SEO folks is recommendations like this: Your webmaster needs to leverage browser caching and compress images. Thanks. Super helpful. Being in SEO is in part a technical job and nothing screams ineptitude in this area like copy/pasting unspecific recommendations from a third party tool.

The Myth of Scale

One thing I’ve heard many times when talking to prospective clients is the idea of their outsourced marketing team being able to scale. I get it, you have lofty goals, you expect your company to grow, you want a team that can grow with you. And this can be a valid argument when comparing a

Latest Apple Outrage is Fake Outrage

The latest version of iOS will have an “Intelligent Tracking Prevention” system built into Safari that not only blocks 3rd party cookies (the common ad trackers) but also various 1st party cookies (which are supposed to be for logins, preferences, site usage tracking, etc.) that also do ad tracking. The morons in the online ad