Never Send Your Developer a Speed Report from Google

One of my least favorite things to see in deliverables from SEO folks is recommendations like this: Your webmaster needs to leverage browser caching and compress images. Thanks. Super helpful. Being in SEO is in part a technical job and nothing screams ineptitude in this area like copy/pasting unspecific recommendations from a third party tool.

The Myth of Scale

One thing I’ve heard many times when talking to prospective clients is the idea of their outsourced marketing team being able to scale. I get it, you have lofty goals, you expect your company to grow, you want a team that can grow with you. And this can be a valid argument when comparing a

Latest Apple Outrage is Fake Outrage

The latest version of iOS will have an “Intelligent Tracking Prevention” system built into Safari that not only blocks 3rd party cookies (the common ad trackers) but also various 1st party cookies (which are supposed to be for logins, preferences, site usage tracking, etc.) that also do ad tracking. The morons in the online ad

This is NOT a Defense of YouTube or Google

But now that we’ve had a couple weeks for dust to settle, a LOT of shame needs to be thrown the way of agencies and media buyers who are very guilty in this whole “scandal”. These are the people who promise their clients that their ad network has all these features to prevent spam and avoid

From Russia, With Love (Vote Trump!)

If you look at the Languages report in Google Analytics, you may have seen something amusing pop up right after the US elections… I would not suggest visiting the URL mentioned in the language name. This traffic is primarily from Russia, which is hardly a surprise. My guess is some spammers are having a little

Yo, Try Common Sense With Your #ContentMarketing

Quick rant here… Seemingly every day, I see an article like this get a ton of circle-jerk action from the SEO community. They went through a lot of trouble gathering unscientific data, put together some graphics and all that. Good job. But that effort was to do something I used to explain to interns in

Google Quick Search Box in GA - Important Note

Since this spring, many of us have seen a spike in referrals from Plenty of sites have since discussed this. It’s the search box at the top of the default browser in Android. For some sites, we’ve found a surprising number of people use that browser to search (to be fair, there’s a TON of

Convoluted Brand Stories

So I started this company called Transistor. Most people hear the name and don’t ask any questions. That’s fine, most companies have stupid names or at the least very utilitarian ones (like “Top Roofing” or whatever). Others go way out of their way to have a name that symbolizes something or another. A lot of

Thanks SEMrush! (New Ranking Distribution Report)

I don’t make a huge deal about rankings. Still, they are a semi-tangible thing that clients get and an interesting piece of the performance puzzle, so I still keep track of them. One of the ways I track them is in the Project feature of SEMrush. However, a few things bugged me about the reporting options.